Complete Royalty Free Music Library


5,000+ tracks of the best royalty free music online.


  • 40GBs of music
  • 5,000+ tracks
  • 290+ artists
  • Commercial Use Approved
  • Includes Cinematic & Public Domain Packs
  • Easy-to-navigate folder organization

The Best Royalty Free Music Online

We took the best royalty free music around and put it in one place. With a single click, you can download an entire music library. Best of all, the tracks are clear for commercial use. Whether you’re a content creator in need of music for your next video or looking to add some background to your podcast, we have the tracks for you.

Stop browsing endlessly on music licensing sites that offer songs one at a time. The good stuff is here. Additionally, we arranged that good stuff into an easy-to-navigate folder system. Finding the perfect song is simpler than ever. Have your very own stock music library on your computer. Download all your music instantly.

Sample Tracks


  • acoustic
  • ambient
  • blues
  • cinematic
  • classical
  • corporate
  • country
  • electronic
  • funk
  • hip-hop
  • jazz
  • latin
  • piano
  • pop
  • rock

For a list of all the songs & artists featured in our pack, click here.

Get Free Royalty Free Music

You are awesome. Free stuff is awesome. We figured giving you free stuff would be hyper awesome. Check out our free royalty free music page. Enjoy it. Use it well. Be creative.

License Types

This collection includes music in the public domain and music with creative commons licenses. Tracks listed as public domain are free to use, even for commercial use. Tracks in the Creative Commons Music portion of the pack have CC BY 3.0, 4.0, or similar usage licenses. They may be used commercially. However, usage requires artist attribution. Lucky, we made attribution easy by including attribution guides in every artist’s folder. Additionally, there is a master document listing all artists, their songs, and proper attribution. As long as you credit the musician, you don’t have to worry about royalty or copyright.

You can learn more about Creative Commons Music licenses here:


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