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A Full Music Library in One Click

We found the best royalty free music around and put it in one place. With a single click, you can download an entire music library. Best of all, the tracks are clear for commercial use. Stop browsing endlessly on music licensing sites that offer songs one at a time. The good stuff is here. Additionally, we arranged that good stuff into a sensible folder system. Finding the perfect song is easier than ever. Download all your music instantly.

This pack is a complete collection of all the music we offer. It includes all the music from our public domain music pack, creative commons attribution only pack, and the cinematic music pack.


  • Royalty Free Tracks
  • Commercial Use Allowed
  • Over 5,000 tracks total
  • More than 40GB of music total
  • High-Quality MP3 files
  • Cinematic, ambient, corporate, rock, techno, and more

product cover for complete royalty free music pack


Sample Creative Commons Tracks

If you want a ton of variety and don’t mind crediting the creator, you want creative commons licensed music. For the best deal, get both packs together.

Sample Public Domain Tracks

For totally unrestricted music, check out our public domain music pack.

Royalty Free Music Packs

We make using royalty free music easy. The internet is absolutely littered with stock music. Sure, you can find good stuff here and there, but it is scattered across thousands of sites. Because of that, we set out to put it all on one place. Now, we have collected thousands of royalty free songs and put them into comprehensive packs. Hyper Projector presents the public domain music pack and creative commons music pack.

Basically, we are the one-click solution to your music needs. With most other websites, you have to download each song individually. There are thousands of songs out there. That’s a lot of clicking. We want yo give you everything at once.

Our music collections make adding songs to your production simple and straightforward. You never have to worry about contracts and all that comes along with custom music. You can stay focused on other elements of your production.

Want Free music?

You are awesome. Free stuff is awesome. We figured giving you free stuff would be hyper awesome.

And there’s more where that came from! Check out our free royalty free music page. Download over 50 tracks at a price you pick. Enjoy it. Use it well. Be creative.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? We have a solution.

Our main packs are pretty comprehensive, and we are proud of that. However, this makes for large files. This can be a problem for some. Additionally, our big music collection include just about every music genre. Not everyone needs that.

If our big packs are too much,  we have the solution for you. Check out the cinematic music collection. As the name implies,it has music for movies. The collection has specialized packs for comedy, horror, action, epic, drama, and trailers. Just like our big music packs, each cinematic pack is filled with royalty free music goodness.

What’s so great about Royalty Free music?

Less Headaches

Royalty free music is the hassle-free way to add music in your videos. When you use it, you likely don’t have to worry about running into distribution issues or paying royalties for ongoing profits. Simply put, royalty free tracks makes using music in a production easy.

More Editing Freedom

Editors have more freedom when using royalty free music for video editing. This usually depends on the editing workflow. But if a video is tied to one song, the editor has no choice but to editor around it. This can shape the editing process. On the other hand,  we offer thousands of songs, giving tons of choices and ultimate editing freedom.

Great for Budget Filmmakers

Composed music is awesome. We cannot deny that. Composers do amazing work that is perfectly tailored for the films they work on. Royalty free music is awesome too. If you are building a name for yourself, you probably do not have the funds to hire a composer. This is where royalty music helps. You can find incredible songs which will fit your project. With our low prices, you get top-quality music on the cheap.

Every Genre of Music

We offer songs in a variety of music styles. Genres include rock, classics, electronic, hip hop, and acoustic. We also offer cinematic tracks, like film scores and ambient soundscapes. Whether you want a powerful film score or background music for your vlog, we have music for you.

Only the Best Songs

As we mentioned earlier, there are tons of royalty free tracks across the internet. But a lot of it is bad. Real bad. In fact, we would speculate that most of the copyright-free music out there is unusable noise. We know you don’t want crap. After all, you are a media-maker on the go. Because of that, we were selective in assembling our music packs. They only include well-crafted, riveting music. The low-effort junk was left out.

We would love to know which track is your favorite. Contact us and let us know! We always like hearing from our people. You are our favorite, after all.

Approved for Commercial Use

All tracks in the public domain and creative commons music packs are free to use for commercial use. Songs in the creative commons music pack will require artist attribution, which we will go intro detail about.


If you use a song with a creative commons license, you must credit the artist. Typically, this is done in the description of a video or the credits after a film. We make attribution simple by providing an attribution guide for each artist. They are located in every artist’s music folder, right along with the music tracks. The guides show you how to credit the artist through citing the song title, artist’s name, where you can find their music, and the license type their music is under.

Royalty Free Music & YouTube; A Dilemma

When attributed correctly, every song in our collection is free to use commercially. We have gone to painstaking efforts to ensure this. However, we cannot control how media-sharing sites react to videos featuring these songs. While you are aloud to use these songs for any purposes, even commercial ones, some sites may view the song usage unfavorably.

Chiefly, YouTube can have issues with some tracks. In a few instances, YouTube placed copyright notices on videos featuring songs we offer. This has never resulted in a Channel strike. Your channel will still be 100% free of any blemishes. However, your video will not be eligible for monopolization, unless you dispute the claim. We will show you how.

How to Dispute Unjustified YouTube Copyright Claims

If your content is flagged for copyright, you can dispute the claim. When you do, you will be asked to explain why you are disputing the copyright claim. Use the artist attribution information we provide and submit your dispute for review.

So far, YouTube has released every claim that has been challenged. It should work if the music is used in an appropriate manner and attributed correctly. However, we have no control over YouTube and cannot guaranteed how they will react at any time. Still, we feel it is important for you to know that that YouTube may add copyright claims to your videos. As a result, we have done everything possible to give you the tools to prove the music is free to use, even commercially. it is our hopes that YouTube understands that this music has been approved by its creators.