Royalty Free Action Music Pack



  • 2GBs of Music
  • 150+ tracks
  • 20 artists
  • Songs can be used commercially
  • Attribution template for every artist

Give your action movie the punch it deserves with action music. This pack includes over 90 tracks that will make your action scenes more intense. Where you need tension-buildingĀ  background music or a kick-ass score for an epic gun-fight, you will find it here in our action movie music pack.

For a list of the artists featured, click here.

Sample Tracks

What is inside the Action Music Pack?

There are over 90 songs from 15 artists in this music pack. Inside are songs in public domain as well as songs under creative commons licenses. For every artist with creative commons licensed music, there is a How-To guide for artist attribution. Lastly, there is a PDF file that includes a full list of artist and songs with attribution.

Track Organization

Tracks int he action pack are organized for the best ease of use. First, the files are organized between two folders: public domain and creative commons. Second, there are artist folders. Inside an artist’s folder is all of their songs.


This collection includes music in the public domain and music with creative commons licenses. Tracks listed as public domain are free to use without any restrictions. All other tracks haveĀ  CC BY 3.0 and 4.0 license. They may be used commercially. Any usage of creative commons music requires artist attribution.

Learn more about Creative Commons Music licenses:


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