Public Domain Music Pack



  • 9GBs of Music
  • 1,400+ tracks
  • 100+ artists
  • Songs can be used commercially
  • Easy to navigate folder organization

Public domain music is worry free.  Sometimes called copyright-free music, non-copyrighted, or CC0 Music, public domain music can be used for any purpose, commercial or otherwise, without any attribution requirements. Think of it as open source music. We offer a gigantic selection of public domain songs spanning multiple genres, including classical, cinematic, R&B, rock, county, and electronic.

Sample Tracks

Track Organization

Tracks are organized into folders by genre  (listed below) Next, inside a genre folder are folders for every artist. Inside each artist folder is their tracks. This organization was designed to be as easy to to find the right music for the mood your were looking for as possible.


  • acoustic
  • jazz
  • ambient
  • cinematic
  • classical
  • country
  • electronic
  • historical
  • pop
  • R&B
  • rock
  • songs with vocals

Ease of Use

Since YouTube and other video-hosting sites are particular about music rights, you may not want to take a chance using music were the copyright is unclear. Additionally,  if you find fair use and royalty laws confusing, then you will love how hassle free public domain music is. Stop worrying about legalities of the other music sources you have found. Put your mind at ease when you use public domain music.


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