Royalty Free Horror Music Pack



  • 1GB of Music
  • 100+ tracks
  • 20+ artists
  • High-quality Mp3s
  • Songs can be used commercially
  • Attribution template for every artist

This pack offers high-quality horror movie music made for building a creepy atmosphere.  Need strong instrumentals for a quick scare? How about an eerie background music for a chilling ambiance? We have the songs for you. Give your horror movie the spooky feel it deserves by adding some well-crafted horror music.

For a list of the artists featured, click here.

Sample Tracks


What’s inside the Royalty Free Horror Music Pack

There are more than 100 songs from 20 artists. The pack includes songs with both public domain approval and creative commons licenses. For artists who apply creative commons license to their work, there are attribution guides included alongside their music. Finally, there is a PDF that include all artist and their songs, along with proper attribution.


We try to make finding the right music as easy as possible. Songs are initially organized by public domain or creative commons, with folder for each category. Next, inside of those folders, there is a folder for each individual artist.

Public Domain & Creative Commons Music

This collection includes music in the public domain and music with creative commons licenses. All creative commons songs have CC BY 3.0 & 4.0 licenses, or slight variations of those. All CC songs are approved for commercial, but artist attribution is required. Hopefully that doesn’t scare you because attribution is easy. We make it unbelievably simple by including attribution guides for every artist. These guides act as template for crediting artists’ songs. When you know what song you are using, all you have to do is copy the attribution and paste it to where you are providing attribution.

Learn more about Creative Commons Music licenses:

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